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The first wine Kermit Lynch ever brought to the states.


The Table! The Best wine for under $14

Antonelli | ‘Baiocco,’ Montefalco, Italy 2019

Sangiovese not from Tuscany; now you have our attention.


The wine has aromas of rose petal, violet & raspberry. On the palate it has cool climate freshness coupled with good structure


80 proof and cocktail friendly.


Get this. Then get bubbles. You're good


Rustic and elegant, in the style of a traditional English blue. Multidimensional in flavor, marvelously savory with deep notes of chocolate and sweet cream

$28.00 Per Pound
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Late harvest nectar with flavors of candied tangerine and cloves.




Gin with Fresh Pressed Plums Prunus Damascena = Damson Plum = Damn fine NY State spirit…


Amaros, Vermouth & Mixers

Averna | Amaro, Sicily, Italy

A Benedictine monks' recipe dating back to 1868. Wild, alpine fresh spice and a firm, yet silky presence on the palate.


A girl can dream and when she does, this is what happens.


A linear & direct, but not necessarily easy wine: it reveals more nuances than you might expect with touches of balsam herb and bitter almond!


Citrus fruit and hints of minerality on the nose. Excellent depth of flavor and is well balanced with good acidity and a pleasant finish.


Floral, rhubarb & cherry notes lead into a bright freshness & mineral backbone. Tense with a persistent finish, this wine is hopping with plenty of life!


Soft, rounded attack, but a relatively light, fruity finish.


Floral, marzipan, toasted almonds, smoked chilis, dark chocolate. Flavors of corn meal, unsalted butter and light caramel. The finish is pleasant and warm.


The 'Lafite of Madeira', according to Jancis. Deep amber with a mesmerizing nose of orange peel, almond and smoke. Razor-like acidity & medium body.  


Barreled and Aged at Van Brunt Stillhouse in Brooklyn.


A must-have wine from Etna! On the palate - red cherry & raspberry balanced with licorice & tobacco. Nice acidity and delicious tannins.


Light red fruits. A touch floral. Crisp!


Smith & Vine

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