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The Table! (The best wine for under $14)

Alpha Zeta | Soave, Italy 2018

It’s a simple wine that has one purpose, to be deliciously refreshing, and it serves that purpose insanely well.


A remarkably cheerful, yet delicate sparkling wine. Lots of fresh white fruit, acidity, with fine bubbles.


Intensely aromatic with dark fruit and well integrated oak. Fresh acidity and smooth persistent tannins.


Voluminous and slightly saline. The 2017 vintage produces intense floral aromas of white fruit, fennel & ripe lemon.


Delicious cold-smoked pork, sprinkled with an aromatic mixture of spices including juniper, coriander, and allspice. Aged for about 5 months, it has a pink

$20.00 Per Pound
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Beautifully fragrant, mineral, with round fruit, and hint of spice. It's all zinger.


Pale green in color. Complex bitterness from assenzio, a variety of wormwood. Herbaceous and citrus.


Closely guarded recipe; think citrus peel bitterness.


Dry. Light-bodied. Mineral-driven. Zest. Spritz. Great with seafood!


These classic bitters are herbal, tangy and cinnamony, making them a perfect addition to whiskey and rum drinks. To add structure and complexity to fruity


Stone fruits, sea brine and jasmine on the nose with a silky olive oil texture and concentrated flavors of ripe peach, Anjou pear and capers. Crisp & livel


Anthill Farms is considered one of the best Pinot Noir producers on the west coast. Elegance in a glass. Plan a special meal.


The first wine Kermit Lynch ever brought to the states.


The Table! (The best wine for under $14)

Antonelli | ‘Baiocco,’ Montefalco, Italy 2018

Sangiovese not from Tuscany; now you have our attention.


This is a lively and well-rounded Chardonnay with floral notes of linden and honeysuckle, citrus aromas, and a very subtle hint of oak.


The wine has aromas of rose petal, violet & raspberry. On the palate it has cool climate freshness coupled with good structure


Get this. Then get bubbles. You're good


For the Beach Bubbles. $4.50 Each or $18 / 4 Pack


This is the real deal tequila from fifth generation tequila makers. Serve slightly chilled neat, or as component in a classic margarita.


The 2018 ‘Clos du Midi’ is a rocky and mineral-driven Chenin Blanc, showing notes of citrus, white flowers, and juicy stone fruit


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