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St. Johnsville


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St. Johnsville’s Taste

This goat cheese, from Cochran Farm in the Mohawk Valley of upstate NY, where Patrick Apfel emigrated to the USA twenty years ago. He and his wife have only been making cheese for a few years! They source their milk from a neighboring Amish family farm (all hand-milked) and make beautiful Loire Valley styled goat cheeses with it. This cheese in particular has a beautiful creamline and pillowy, chewy geotrichum rind. Light ivory in color, its flavors changes from buttery and mild when young to balanced earthy and tangy, with a full goat flavor and barnyard tones with a long wood and mushroom finish after a few weeks of ripening.

Serving St. Johnsville

Don’t forget to serve at room temperature! The cheese spreads gloriously on a fresh baguette or warm toast. Pair with Sancerre, Sauvignon Blanc or Chenin Blanc or a Lager and happy hour is served!

How St. Johnsville is Made

This is a flagship cheese, named in honor of the town Cochran Farm has been located in since 1790. St. Johnsville has a distinctive character and presence. The cheese develops over several weeks in a high moisture aging room. Beneath the ripply rind lies a supple cream line and a smooth, luscious core. St. Johnsville is a geotrichum-rinded cheese aged for a few short week.

Additional information

Made by

Cochran Farms 1790




per piece




Sour Beers


United States




Fort Plain, NY


1-3 Months


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