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Reading Raclette

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Reading Raclette’s Taste

This raw cow cheese is sweet and salty, almost jam-my with a subtle finish of funk. Elastic and just toothsome paste melts like a dreams. Considered un-fussy and stands up to its Old-World Ancestors. The bloomy rind gives way to a bouncy and delightful cheese.

Serving Reading Raclette

The word “raclette” is derived from the French “racier,” or “to scrape”. Traditionally a cheese herdsmen made for themselves and not for market. By the evening fire, after allowing it to melt inside its rind, the melted, gooey cheese was scraped over hot potatoes or any other hearty winter vegetables. It’s the perfect cheese for a communal meal. Gather with a half wheel and assorted tubers and greens and a dinner of hot scraped cheese is served!

How Reading Raclette is Made

This is an amazing American rendition of a Swiss classic! Reading Raclette is produced in 20 lb wheels, washed in brine and remains true to the European original. Perfect for melting, but equally satisfying alone, Reading Raclette is oniony, meaty, and pungent, with a pliable texture and lingering salty aftertaste. A newcomer to the cheese scene, Reading Raclette won Silver Medal at the World Cheese Awards in 2011.

Spring Brook Farm also hosts a program called Farms for City Kids, an educational camp for urban youth to learn about sustainable farming practices and gain practical skills, responsibility, and confidence through outdoor activities. Made in Reading, VT by cheesemaker Jeremy Stephenson.


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United States


Grass Fed, Cook Friendly




3-6 Months


Made in Reading, VT. Cheesemaker: Jeremy Stephenson


Crisp Lagers, Full Bodied, Robust Red Wines, Hoppy Ales

Made by

Spring Brook Farm




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