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Prairie Breeze Cheddar

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Prairie Breeze Taste

When you think of Alpine cheese what comes to mind? Comte? Gruyere? Challerhocker? What about an alpine cheddar from Iowa? This crumbly cheese has a slightly sweet taste with a creamy crumbly texture. The calcium crystals within this cheese give a nice crunch but the soft taste of Cows milk smoothens the taste on the tongue at the end of your bite. Nutty, acidic, and juicy. This Cheddar is slightly salty and sweet with notes of pineapple or tropical fruits reach fruition towards the end of your bite.

Serving Prairie Breeze

Pair me with a rose or a soft bubbly cider. Beer more your style? Try it with a brown ale! Snack on me with a nice wheat cracker and any jam of your choice! Add some Finochia Salami or Campo Seco. Making Mac n’ Cheese or French onion soup? Maybe you’re making a panini? Try me out in replace of Gruyere! Feeling adventures or love the taste of sweet and salty, try me with some apple pie or a chocolate chip cookie! Or stick to the classics and crumble me on top of a salad. But make sure this crumbly cheddar is pulled out of the cold before serving, that’s when the full effect of this nutty cheese is released.

How Prairie Breeze Is Made

This strong cheddar is one of three cheeses the Musser family makes in Milton, Iowa. The Mennonite family collects all their milk from pasture-grazed cows from local Amish farms that all house less than 55 cows on each farm. Rufus and Jane Musser started in the dairy business but in the early 2000s Rufus decided to break out of only dairy farming and take up cheese making. This cheddar started in farmer’s markets and later moved up the ladder winning many awards for its amazing flavor. At 18, Rufus and Jane’s son, Galen, entered the cheddar into the 2010 World Cheese contest in London. Prairie Breeze was the only American cheese that year that was awarded Gold for its 9-12 month cheddar class.

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9-12 Months


United States


Grass Fed, Cook Friendly




Made in Milton, IA


Ambers & Brown Ales, Medium Bodied, Earthy Red Wines



Made by

Milton Creamery


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