Middlebury Blue

Middlebury Blue

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Middlebury Blue’s Taste

Earthy and milky, Middlebury Blue is what the folks at Lake’s Edge call “town meets gown” with its crusty, rustic natural rind and smoother, creamier paste. ¬†The interior of this 2-3 month old blue is grassy, salty, and a little sour – a great way to expand beyond mild beginner¬†blues! Blue Ledge Farm was started in the early aughts by a young couple who dreamed of operating a dairy farm – and their story and cheeses couldn’t be more romantic.

Serving Middlebury Blue

A diamond in the rough of a cheese, the Middlebury Blue boasts a rustic, natural rind exterior, but its interior paste is a smooth, mild, and creamy treat which blends perfectly with any light and fruity red or crisp white to let it shine.

How Middlebury Blue is Made

Raw cow’s milk from the creamery’s Vermont neighbors gives the cheese an almost cheddary texture. Towards the rind, the pale paste takes on an amber hue, while deep blue veining cracks its way through the cheese. That blue adds a balance between earthy hay notes and sweet, caramel flavors, with a bite of pepper thrown in. Despite all this, it is a mellow cheese. Aged 2-3 months this is excellent bite!

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1-3 Months


United States


Grass Fed




Made in Leicester, VT. Cheesemakers: Hannah Sessions and Greg Bernhardt


Black Ales & Stouts, Full Bodied, Robust Red Wines



Made by

Blue Ledge Farm




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