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Isle of Mull

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Isle of Mull’s Taste

As they say, “Milk deserves to be treated more kindly!” By controlling over its production and care, they are able to ensure that the milk and resulting cheese are treated with the utmost respect. They believe pasteurization to be an unnecessarily brutal way of treating milk to be used for the making of their luscious cheese and would destroy the organisms which create individualism and maturity of flavor. After 18 months of maturation, the cheese develops a complex, sharp, tangy and fruity flavor.

Serving Isle of Mull

These rounds pair perfectly with with Merlot which draws out the subtle onion and garlic flavor.

How Isle of Mull is Made

On the Isle of Mull off the west coast of Scotland there lies a small family dairy farm by the name of Sgriob-ruadh (Ski-Brooah). The only dairy farm on the island, Sgriob-ruadh Farm produces this traditional clothbound Isle of Mull Cheddar in 50 lb wheels with raw milk from their herd of primarily Friesian cows, with several Ayrshire, Jersey, and Brown Swiss poking around, too. Due to the short summers, their cows don’t get to eat fresh grass all the time, and need to supplement their diets – so Reade family collects spent draff (grain husks) from the local whisky distillery. Cows need to eat local, too.There is no added color or flavors and the mongers purposefully produce their cheese in the winter when the hay-fed cows milk has a whiter appearance.  When fresh green grass is more readily available the cheese is a deeper color. The mongers want their cheese to be recognized for its individuality of flavor and taste, not color. Occasionally, blue veins naturally develop in “Isle of Mull,” considered by many to be a yummy bonus.


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per pound

Made by

Sgriob-ruadh Farm


Full Bodied, Robust Red Wines, Hoppy Ales


Made by J. & C. Reade & Sons in Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland




12-16 Months




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