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Gruyere’s Taste

Nobody does it like the Swiss. They were the first, and really the only government to essentially nationalize their cheese. The Alpine style almost necessitates a creamery style of production, and highly specialized roles in its creation. It is traditional, creamery, unpasteurised, semi-soft cheese. The natural, rusty brown rind is hard, dry and pitted with tiny holes.The cheese is buttery and nutty, with a nice fruity hit, counterbalanced by sharpness, a swissy piquancy, and the earth funk only real and attentive cheese aging can provide. The texture is pliable and moist, yet dense and hearty. This is a cheese for all times and all seasons! The cheese is darker yellow than Emmental but the texture is more dense and compact. Slightly grainy, the cheese has a wonderful complexity of flavours – at first fruity, later becomes more earthy and nutty.

Serving Gruyere

Amazing in a fondue or melted in grilled cheese or over a burger. The hints of sweetness and rich pine lend themselves to medium bodied reds and full white wines. Drink with a lager or pilsner to cut through the richness and enjoy!


How Gruyere is Made

Rolf Beeler Gruyere is aged in caves deep under Zurich, for at least 16 months. Cheesemaker, herdsmen, and affineur all contribute their skills to make Gruyere one of the greatest cheeses on the planet. To make Gruyere, raw milk is heated to 93 degrees F and liquid rennet then added to progress curdling. That curd is then cut into small pieces and is cooked at 110 degrees F and quickly heated to 130 degrees F. The pieces shrink which means it’s time for pressing! The cheese is left in brine for 8 days then ripened for two months at room temperature. Curing lasts from 3 to 10 months but the longer the curing period the better the cheese.

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Aged in caves under Zurich by master affineur Rolf Beeler




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Belgian Ales, Medium Bodied, Earthy Red Wines




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