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Stone fruits, sea brine and jasmine on the nose with a silky olive oil texture and concentrated flavors of ripe peach, Anjou pear and capers. Crisp & livel


Razor sharp acidity, seaside salinity, and a minerality that will keep you coming back for another glass. You'll probably want to buy two bottles.


Dark red fruits, great acidity, clean finish.


In Don Quixote, cheese is mentioned no less than thirteen times which isn't that shocking when you realize they were headed to La Mancha, the land of Don Q

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A lovely, herby pork back cut to be savored on warm bread or pizza.

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Leonora is a new breed of Spanish Cheese that is challenging conventions. Soft delicate goats cheeses are not longer out of bounds! In the past decade, a n

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Jamón Serrano is a passion in Spain, where every restaurant and tapas bar features Serrano hams ready to be sliced. The hams are cured for well over a yea

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Famous Spanish Manchego style cheese aged for 6 months, Zamorano has a buttery and nutty flavor profile, a bit more robust than Manchego el Trigal.

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What La Dama Sagrada Tastes Like Creamy, full and rustic. Intense, characteristically goaty. How to Serve La Dama Sagrada At home on a cheese board or shav

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This Southern Spanish producer sources their crop entirely from Arbequina olives, known for their very high oil concentrations (0.1% acidity!). Omed Extra


A raw cow blue with a wild sweetness and minerality.

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One of the best soft-ripened goat cheeses around, Monte Enebro is only made by a single producer, Rafael Baez, and his daughter Paloma, of Avila in Castill

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A pasteurized cow, goat and sheep's milk cheese originally designed in the style of a Manchego, now outside of AOC regulations, this is a splendidly butter

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Smith & Vine

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