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Dry cured in the classic Tuscan salami style, this pasture raised pork Finochionna (fin-OHK-ee-own-ah) contains no antibiotics and no nitrates. There's not


Dry cured in the classic salami style, this pasture raised pork Soppressata contains no antibiotics and no nitrates. There's nothing to mask the perfect me


This coppa packs a punch with light smokiness and the salty tang of tasso spices which are their own intoxicating mixture of cayenne, paprika, sugar and ga

$30.00 Per Pound
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A versatile earthy and rustic salame that can be paired with a variety of cheeses, fruits and condiments. A gentle, accessible salame.


Classic Chorizo made just a few miles away in Long Island City! In just two years, Charles “Charlito” Samuel Wekselbaum has quickly made a name

$32.00 Per Pound
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Charles "Charlito" Samuel Wekselbaum, founder of Charlito's Cocina, traveled to Spain after culinary school to study charcuterie in the Spanish tradition,


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A tangy beef salame with a mild and satisfying flavor.

$24.00 Per Pound
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Amazing American rendition of a Swiss classic! Reading Raclette is produced in 20 lb wheels, washed in brine and remaining true to the European model. Perf

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White cider. Red grape skin extract. Wölffer’s No. 139 Dry Rosé Cider explodes with color and romance in equal measure. Tart notes of fresh strawb


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