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Grower Champagne that is a step above most.


Someone pass the oysters!


France's secret weapon and answer to Stilton, Fourme is an ideal little blue. The region of production is much smaller than its cousin D'Auvergne. Conseque

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A semi-soft goat's milk cheese with a finely wrinkled bloomy rind. Exquisitely velvety in texture, with a creamy and herbaceous flavor profile with some ta

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Not much needs to be said here. Possibly the world's most famous blue cheese, Roquefort is made from sheep's milk and aged in the Combalou caves of Roquefo

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Toasty, sophisticated, excellent grower Champagne!


The Montagne part of this name denotes that is made in the Pyrenees Mountains, during the summer, in the most traditional way possible. 16 months of carefu

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The 2009 Fleuron is round, voluptuous & racy. There is so much to like, especially the way the wine maintains so much freshness given its intensity.


This wine delivers clear mineral verve with distinctive richness and intense texture.


Smell the color. A saignée rosé like no other.


This outstanding Classiques de France Sommelier's 6-Pack features NV Tissot Cremant de Jura, 2010 Chateau Fougeres Raison, 2015 Albert Boxler Sylvaner, 201


A hyper-creamy goat's milk blue from a farm just outside of Paris, this blue is one of the easiest to eat. La Ferme de la Tremblaye is internationally know

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If you want the opposite of a brioche bun, this mouth-watering zinger is for you.


Smith & Vine

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