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Cheese Platter

A selection of cheeses hand picked, paired with dried fruit and nuts to please any palette! Comes with baguette.


This deluxe platter is all the cheese-y and meat-y goodness you could need for any occasion! Includes dried fruit, nuts and bread.


A variety of styles perfect for snacking... 4 third of a pound wedges of cheese with marcona almonds, dried cherries and a baguette.


This package includes contents of both Cheese Monger's Choice and Sommelier's wine 6-pack!


Wines for everyday use! A mix of 2 white, 2 red and 1 bubbly and 1 rose.


Serves 40 to 50. Comes with: 2 Large Cheese Platters 1 Medium Charcuterie Platter 1 Medium Crudités Platter 1 One Girl Whoopie Pie Platter And a fab


Serves 15 to 20. Comes with: 1 Large Cheese Platter 1 Medium Crudités Platter 1 Medium Charcuterie Platter And a fabulous selection of wine that incl


This is a lighter, sweeter version of the iconic Gorgonzola Piccante.

$31.00 Per Pound
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Pecorino Romano can thank its signature flavor to its savory sheep's milk base, upon which stronger, nuttier tones arise. This cheese is known for its gra

$16.00 Per Pound
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Prairie Breeze is a crumbly, creamy and bright cheddar, always a delight to snack on and a revelation on a burger.

$17.00 Per Pound
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Coolea is an award-winning Irish gouda handmade on a family farm in County Cork, Ireland. Aged for about a year before it is shipped out, this farmstead ch

$36.00 Per Pound
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An elegant semi-firm tomme perfectly blending the milder sheep's milk with sharper goat's milk notes.

$26.00 Per Pound
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Meet the new American original -- nutty, with some lactic tang, Cornerstone is produced in southeastern Vermont at Parish Hill. Rather than using European

$32.00 Per Pound
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A spicier and sweeter alternative to Stilton! Soft and spreadable with a toasty, nutty flavor that dissolves into sweet caramel notes.

$36.00 Per Pound
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Swallowtail Tomme is a raw cow's milk cheese made in small batches in Vermont, deliciously fresh-tasting and smooth.

$32.00 Per Pound
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Weekend Away Pack

Heading to the Hamptons? Fire Island? This pre-packed Bundle is the perfect thing for a weekend away, with provisions for 2 nights! Pick it up on your way


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