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Cheese Platter

A selection of cheeses hand picked, paired with dried fruit and nuts to please any palette! Comes with baguette.


This deluxe platter is all the cheese-y and meat-y goodness you could need for any occasion! Includes dried fruit, nuts and bread.


Despite creating their own novel recipes, Brooklyn-based company Call Me Caramel realize the importance of tradition when sourcing their cheese. They colla


The older gouda gets, the denser and more delicious it becomes. This stuff is literally cheese candy - crunchy, butterscotchy, sweet, and salty. Packed wit

$22.00 Per Pound
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Hafod is a Welsh cheddar made from 100% Ayrshire cow's milk for a buttery, rich and nutty flavor.

$35.00 Per Pound
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Winnimere is a decadent cheese in the tradition of Jura Mountain classics like Vacherin Mont d'Or and Försterkäse. Produced during the winter when Jasper


This crumbly cheese has a slightly sweet taste with a creamy crumbly texture. The calcium crystals within this cheese give a nice crunch but the soft taste

$17.00 Per Pound
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This is the real deal pasta cheese. Sharp and salty, in perfect harmony. Pecorino Romano can thank its signature flavor to its savory sheep's milk base, up

$16.00 Per Pound
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This order is ONLY for your deposit. The $50 charged to your card for the online purchase holds your bird and you will pay the remaining balance upon in-st


Amazing American rendition of a Swiss classic! Reading Raclette is produced in 20 lb wheels, washed in brine and remaining true to the European model. Perf

$20.00 Per Pound
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Verano is produced in the summer months from pure sheep's milk when herbs and grasses are bountiful on the Vermont Shepherd pastures, resulting in a sweet,

$38.00 Per Pound
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Smith & Vine

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