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Eucalyptus, and a hint of mint up front leading to creamy vanilla and slight tobacco notes. Definitely finishes like a dry red wine.


Bright aromatics of fresh nectarine and quince, medium bodied, balanced acidity and lively, fruit-forward palate.


Red and black fruits mingle beautifully with volcanic rock flavors in this fresher alternative to your usual Cab Sauv. No oaky, toasty vanilla here.


Before the Grappa you have the Sambuca. But after dessert.


This un-aged expression from the Highlands is one of its kind. Herbaceous and lime notes penetrate the senses. We cannot speak higher of this tequila.


This Manzanilla spends 3 years in solera and shows classic almond and saline notes.




Campari is still made according to the original recipe. Its negroni time!


Kerner, a cross between Schiava and Riesling, is relatable to Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio drinkers for being dry, crisp, and juicy


Now in its 3rd century of production, this is a pretty classic example of Sicily's old traditional favorite.




Perfect for a Negroni.


Aromas of lemons and sea salt, bright acidity. A flavorful reflection of sea-inspired terroir.


Love Bandol reds but don't want to strain your wine budget, give this one a try.


Highly aromatic, citrus notes, dry, and mineraly.


Unfiltered, dry, toasty, and totally thirst-quenching. Think tapas night.


The ironic words "you're on the skins" already tells a lot about the vinification process of this orange wine


BIG, structured, and well aged. Each of the Breton cuvées is unique and the Saint-Louans is their top cuvée of Chinon.


Crafted from a centuries old recipe passed down by the Lady Abbesses of Chateau-Chalon, this magic elixir is said to be one of the hardest wines to get in


Grower Champagne that is a step above most.


Perserverance is rewarded. 1st Vintage!


Round and elegant with a very fine mousse.


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