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This is said to be a bit of a polarizing wine; you be the judge.


Medium bodied with rich aromatics of orange zest, apricot and capsaicin.


Velvety smooth, clean, aromatic and herbaceous. It embodies the caramel sweetness of port and the bitter flavors of a classic Italian Amaro.


This is a lot lighter and fresher than your average Primitivo.


Grapes from North Fork of Long Island, NY Made in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY


Well, old vine field blends should always get you all amped up. You could just start yelling about how good it is, we won't be mad.


Thierry’s style of Cabernet Franc emphasizes soaring red fruit aromatics, plush and silky textures, and racy acidity. Sounds pretty good, right?


Stones, herbs, and a touch of refreshing salinity in the super long finish. This is truly a young wine, and a big expression of Chenin.


The Buster is sourced from some of the oldest vines in Sancerre, around 80 years old and situated in the choicest sites of the steep Monts Damnés.


Not your typical Sancerre; think like after Christmas; Round and Fat...


White, velvety body with unique characteristics thanks to a fortunate combination of grapes, climate, soil, wood, and of course, Man.


Produced from 100% corn in Austin, Texas, this vodka is handmade in copper pot stills. Smooth, creamy and lush.


The recipe for a perfect cozy night; just add braised meats, maybe a fire and a loved one.


2010 was a much celebrated Brunello vintage and it comes as no surprise that it gave rise to a Riserva bottling at the Tornesi winery.


Traslapiedra is a wine of thirst; able to quench the thirst of a sailor in the desert or a Bedouin at sea


The Table! (The best wine for under $14)

Trilogie | Mendoza, Argentina 2019

Smooth... Like butter.


Be prepared to be blown away by this rich, distinctive Blanc de Noirs. It's sensational


Smith & Vine

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