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Stones, herbs, and a touch of refreshing salinity in the super long finish. This is truly a young wine, and a big expression of Chenin.


Not your typical Sancerre; think like after Christmas; Round and Fat...


White, velvety body with unique characteristics thanks to a fortunate combination of grapes, climate, soil, wood, and of course, Man.


The Table! (The best wine for under $14)

Tinto de Rulo | ‘Pipeño,’ Valle del Bío-Bío, Chile 2018

A wonderful, simple, rustic, light wine, w/ notes of wild berries mixing w/ a nice undercurrent of earthiness. This wine should be drunk w/ a slight chill


Produced from 100% corn in Austin, Texas, this vodka is handmade in copper pot stills. Smooth, creamy and lush.


The recipe for a perfect cozy night; just add braised meats, maybe a fire and a loved one.


2010 was a much celebrated Brunello vintage and it comes as no surprise that it gave rise to a Riserva bottling at the Tornesi winery.


Traslapiedra is a wine of thirst; able to quench the thirst of a sailor in the desert or a Bedouin at sea


The Table! (The best wine for under $14)

Trilogie | Mendoza, Argentina 2018

Smooth... Like butter.


Be prepared to be blown away by this rich, distinctive Blanc de Noirs. It's sensational


Les Pierrières offers the most precise, penetrating minerality and lifted elegance.


Saignée (to bleed); a fantastic and unique way to make Rosé where the juice is bled off the tank from the initial press. Provides nuance and complexity.


A chuggable, natural glugger in a liter format, for all your glou-glou dreams fulfilled. Get it?


Fresh, easy, light, minimal intervention.


A sans sulfur Chardonnay sparkler that’s oh-so lush, round and pretty.


Four grain wheated bourbon distilled from New York corn.


One of Brooklyn's finest.


This riesling is an estate wine with a long, dry finish and showcases the value of the mineral-rich steep slate slopes of the Saar region.


Rich and intense. Floral, fruity, and round tannins.


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