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Stone fruits, sea brine and jasmine on the nose with a silky olive oil texture and concentrated flavors of ripe peach, Anjou pear and capers. Crisp & livel


Anthill Farms is considered one of the best Pinot Noir producers on the west coast. Elegance in a glass. Plan a special meal.


Cantalupo is based in Ghemme, up in the northern reaches of Piedmont. Here the grape is able to achieve a haunting delicacy and stony minerality.


The first wine Kermit Lynch ever brought to the states.


Sangiovese not from Tuscany; now you have our attention.


The wine has aromas of rose petal, violet & raspberry. On the palate it has cool climate freshness coupled with good structure


Get this. Then get bubbles. You're good


For the Beach Bubbles. $4.50 Each or $18 / 4 Pack


This is the real deal tequila from fifth generation tequila makers. Serve slightly chilled neat, or as component in a classic margarita.


The 2018 ‘Clos du Midi’ is a rocky and mineral-driven Chenin Blanc, showing notes of citrus, white flowers, and juicy stone fruit


Late harvest nectar with flavors of candied tangerine and cloves.


A Benedictine monks' recipe dating back to 1868. Wild, alpine fresh spice and a firm, yet silky presence on the palate.


Very small production and only produced during exceptional vintages.


The Table! (The best wine for under $14)

Az. Ag Moretti Omero | ‘Grechetto,’ Umbria, Italy 2018

White fruits, slightly vegetal with mineral hints. Fresh and well balanced with almond finish. 100% vegan!  


This Pecorino, a native varietal, is such a happy elixir. Waxy, salty & true, like a refreshing sea breeze, it has body but remains light on its feet.


The Table! (The best wine for under $14)

Az. Ag. Cantine Tintero Elvio | ‘Tintero,’ Asti, Italy 2017

A delightful Piemontese blend. Crisp, effervescent, beyond accessible and fun to drink on the stoop (Weather permitting).


A girl can dream and when she does, this is what happens.


A girl can dream and when she does, this is what happens.


An undisputed champion of biodynamic and natural winemaking practices.


An undisputed champion of biodynamic and natural winemaking practices.


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