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This is a lively and well-rounded Chardonnay with floral notes of linden and honeysuckle, citrus aromas, and a very subtle hint of oak.


Light on the juniper. With rich, floral and savoury flavour notes of unconventional botanicals such as Lavender and Indian Sarsaparilla.


Very small production and only produced during exceptional vintages.


A delightful Piemontese blend. Crisp, effervescent, beyond accessible and fun to drink on the stoop (Weather permitting).


A girl can dream and when she does, this is what happens.


This wine is spicy, smokey, dusty and fleshy, all at once.


Spicy peppercorn aromas and vibrant red fruit flavors. Serve with a slight chill.


Floral, marzipan, toasted almonds, smoked chilis, dark chocolate. Flavors of corn meal, unsalted butter and light caramel. The finish is pleasant and warm.


Not just the taste of Sicily but the taste of Etna.


Drink Me you say. Well, if you insist.  


The interplay between the dry, mineral complexity and rich generosity make this an incredible Champagne-alternative.


40 Hectares in the premier cru village of Rilly-la-Montagne. Extra Brut Perfection!


The iconic wines of Bereche have been a family owned estate since 1847. This wine is classicly complex boasting richness and precision with a hint of miner


A non-interventionist wine displaying the purity of grape and place.


This is why this house is famous. This very wine. All that elegance...


An excellent salty Ligurian white from an ancient estate, begging for a grilled whole fish or delicious salad! Soft stone fruits and unctuous textures.


Add it to club soda for a refreshing spritz or combine with equal parts gin and Lillet to make a white Negroni.


Full. Dark fruit, minerally, herbaceous, smooth tannins, long finish. Terroir in a Bottle.


Smith & Vine

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