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Smokier than Tom Waite's voice


A superb NV bottling that beautifully synthesizes the pure and opulent fruit of top quality chardonnay vineyards in the Côte de Blancs


A happy little wine from the area of Galicia; think loads of summer fruit.


The remarkable finesse of this sleek, stony, apple blossom–scented 2015 suggests that Sylvaner possesses some noble DNA of its own.  


This wine is young and well balanced. We recommend pairing with red meats dishes and soft cheeses.


Notes of ripe yellow fruits, marzipan & white flowers. Taste is fresh, savory & fruity with a long persistence


Hooray for Vouvray with more clarity than Blue-Ray (-Jimbo)


Not even the elements could stop the DeMoor's from making wine; the label is not too shabby either.


We are delighted with this wine. It is fresh, it is vibrant, it is electric!


Estate grown, hand harvested, beautifully dry riesling; who could ask for more?


One sip will transport you directly to Valle d’Aoste. Simultaneously bitter, sweet, warm and cooling, we all need this freshness in our glasses and belli


It’s a simple wine that has one purpose, to be deliciously refreshing, and it serves that purpose insanely well.


Voluminous and slightly saline. The 2017 vintage produces intense floral aromas of white fruit, fennel & ripe lemon.


Distilled with 29 California botanicals including Hibiscus, Cardamom, Cacao, and Kaffir Lime Leaf. Complex yet versatile, silky smooth gin.


Dry. Light-bodied. Mineral-driven. Zest. Spritz. Great with seafood!


Chablis-like characteristics without the Chablis-like price.


Anthill Farms is considered one of the best Pinot Noir producers on the west coast. Elegance in a glass. Plan a special meal.


The first wine Kermit Lynch ever brought to the states.


Sangiovese not from Tuscany; now you have our attention.


Smith & Vine

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