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Crisp, clean and oh-so vibrant. On the palate, it is light and lean with racy acidity and near-prickly minerality. Lip-smackingly delicious!


A nod to the time when Zinfandel wasn't so lonely in California vineyards.


Earthy. Woodsy. Light tannins. Great acidity and minerality.


On the palate, the wine is fresh and lively, with a succulent core of dark red fruit flavors.


Wild and earthy. Silky texture conveys rich, dark fruits and subtle hints of earth and spice.


You don't see too many of these wines these days but when you do, you should indulge yourself.


Vibrant fruit. Great minerality and acidity. Practicing Biodynamic.


Light medium-bodied, quite dry. Cranberry, currants, and raspberry on top of bright acidity and stony minerality


This delicious white from the French borders of Catalonia is grippy and tangy with lime peel, herbs and refreshing stone fruit flavours.


Silky tannins, a splash of red fruits, and a tantalizing floral bouquet.


Unfined and Unfiltered deliciousness


Son of Domaine De La Cadette's Catherine Montanet Valentin knows a thing or two about crafting beautiful wines in the most natural way.


These are getting rare as the demand for Burgundy reaches new heights every year & Gamay is being ripped out to plant more Pinot Noir. Juicy. Delicious. Un


Medium-bodied, dry. This box is a fresh and vibrant tank-aged summer red.


Guy Breton a.k.a Petit Max. Part of the Gang of Four. Enough said.


Guy Breton a.k.a Petit Max. Part of the Gang of Four. Enough said.


Guy Breton a.k.a Petit Max. Part of the Gang of Four. Enough said.



Henri Vallet

Distilled with Angostura bark and macerated with cherry fruit, clove and other roots and spices. Try this out in your next Bitter Word cocktail!  


Jean-Paul Thévenet, part of the Gang of Four. Enough said.


Smith & Vine

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