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New York City’s oldest whiskey distillery!


BIB refers to American whiskeys that are distilled, aged & bottled entirely at one distillery, from barrels filled in one season, by one distiller


9 YR old Agave. Twice distilled, then aged for 8 months in used American Whiskey Casks


On the rocks or in a Martini, you'll be feeling Regal AF!


Great for sipping and in both classic and modern cocktails!




It’s all about the contact.


This blend of young Calvados is fresh & fruity. Distilled in a copper column still, aged over 2 years in oak casks, it is an excellent introduction to Calv



Lemon Hart

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11 botanicals: juniper, coriander, cardamom, cinnamon, cubeb berries, pepper, ginger, dried lemon peel, orange pith, licorice, and almond.


Macerated Sloe Berries & Anise oil. Classic Spanish digestivo.


The aroma is gentle w/ hints of minerals and citrus. On the palate, there is acidity mixed w/ tart and hints of dry wine. Serve chilled for the best taste.


Infused with caraway, dill, anise, fennel, and coriander; matured in Oloroso casks which imparts it soft vanilla notes and incredible smoothness.


Minerality, acidity & floral tones balanced with quinine bitterness. Perfect on ice, with a splash of soda, or in a gin cocktail!


With a name that means "luxurious" in Polish and made from selected spuds, Luksusowa is a premium potato vodka created in 1928




From sour Marasca cherries!


Italian herb liqueur obtained by a careful infusion of botanicals such as cardamom, cinnamon, bitter orange peels & cinchona


From sour Marasca cherries!


A drier styled red vermouth that has rich flavors of apple w/ hints of sherry. This will enhance your next Manhattan cocktail or negroni.


This limited edition rose vermouth is a mash up of Italian and Japanese know-how. The question is: what are you going to make with it?


Minimum of 6 years by law, Duffau Napoleon is a minimum of 10 years. Flavors of cocoa, orange rind, cake batter and vanilla. Soft tannins on the finish


Smith & Vine

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