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They recreated the original processes and acquired the original type of ingredients used by legendary distiller Gaetan Picon to create his amer (bitters)


A fine dram.


From our friends at Compass Box.. Single malt & Single Grain whiskies contained herein.


Because you deserve a better Gin and Tonic.



It’s a marriage between a spirit of France and the water of Iceland.


A thirst-quenching aperitif made from alcohol, sugar, star anise, a plant & spice spirit & a mugwort infusion. Water should be added for best results.



Henri Vallet

A herbaceous elixir from the France-to-Mexico transplant, Henri Vallet. These recipes date back to the 1860s. It’s the bitter truth.



Henri Vallet

Distilled with Angostura bark and macerated with cherry fruit, clove and other roots and spices. Try this out in your next Bitter Word cocktail!  


The longest aged Bottled-in-Bond available today, resting in the barrel through 40 Kentucky seasons. The perfectly balanced Bourbon.


Today, in a 19th century Georgian mansion situated in the heart of the Hudson Valley, Master Distiller Dave Pickerell pays homage to the New York farmers w


Bright amber color. An elegant nose of peach syrup, almonds, and pistachio; notes of licorice and hints of smoky oak on the finish.


Essential ingredient for most Caribbean cocktails. Flavored with lime, almond, and clove. A great sugar replacement.




Firm, but nice soft edges. A nudge of fruit and a marvel at multiple temperatures.


New York City’s oldest whiskey distillery!


9 YR old Agave. Twice distilled, then aged for 8 months in used American Whiskey Casks


Smith & Vine

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