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Cheese Platter

A selection of cheeses hand picked, paired with dried fruit and nuts to please any palette! Comes with baguette.


Described as a "gateway blue," this creamy, rich and savory blue cheese is approachable enough for neophytes, but hits intense fudge-y and vegetal notes fo

$34.00 Per Pound
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This 18-month aged Gouda from Holland is a smooth, sweet and butterscotchy treat.

$22.00 Per Pound
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Cabricharme is a rich and stinky Trappist style goat's milk washed rind cheese, washed in a brine solution that helps to give it its complex flavor and sup

$26.00 Per Pound
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Produced at the Fromagerie Coorperative de Méan in Maffe, Belgium, Charmoix is milky and nutty when it is young and grows softer and develops more promine

$25.00 Per Pound
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Famous Spanish Manchego style cheese aged for 6 months, Zamorano has a buttery and nutty flavor profile, a bit more robust than Manchego el Trigal.

$23.00 Per Pound
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Produced using Merciano goat's milk in the town of Carpio de Tajo outside of Toledo. This raw goat's cheese is aged a minimum of 6 months to give it its sw

$22.00 Per Pound
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Robust authentic Italian-style salami with an assertive fennel flavor.

$20.00 Per Pound
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A pasteurized cow, goat and sheep's milk cheese originally designed in the style of a Manchego, now outside of AOC regulations, this is a splendidly butter

$16.00 Per Pound
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This pastuerized sheep's milk blue has a sweet and minerally punch!

$28.00 Per Pound
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Smith & Vine

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