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Cheese Plate Accompaniments

Mike’s Hot Honey 12oz


Cheese Plate Accompaniments

Bee Raw Maine Blueberry Honey


Cheese Plate Accompaniments

34º Natural Crisps

34º Crisps – so named for Sydney, Australia, located at thirty-four degrees latitude, where the company’s owner went to graduate school –


Brooklyn Slate Co. hand-picks their slate from an upstate NY slate quarry belonging to the family of one of the co-owners. After being transported back to


Cheese Plate Accompaniments

City Saucery Spicy Vegan Tomato ‘Nduja


Lesley Stowe, one of Vancouver’s leading chefs and culinary pioneers, created her signature Raincoast Crisps as the perfect flavorful cracker for any


Cheese Plate Accompaniments

Marcona Almonds

Spanish almonds fried in sunflower oil.

$28.00 Per Pound
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Comes with the exceptionally smooth and buttery sweet Raw Tupelo Honey and delicious light, mellow Raw Acacia Honeycomb.


Cheese Plate Accompaniments

Small Patagonia Raw Tineo Honey

This honey has a bold flavor profile that is warm and complex, perfect for pairing with blue cheese and brie.


The latest in this badass line of hot sauces from Brooklyn-based DJ Erica Diehl, a.k.a. Queen Majesty. This is the hottest one yet, using ripe deep red hab


Cheese Plate Accompaniments

The Queen Majesty Scotch Bonnet and Ginger

The Queen Majesty Scotch Bonnet and Ginger is another great addition to this badass line of hot sauces from Brooklyn-based DJ Erica Diehl, a.k.a. Queen Maj


Smith & Vine

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