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Cheese Plate Accompaniments

Mike’s Hot Honey 12oz


Cheese Plate Accompaniments

Bee Raw Maine Blueberry Honey


Cheese Plate Accompaniments

34º Natural Crisps

34º Crisps – so named for Sydney, Australia, located at thirty-four degrees latitude, where the company’s owner went to graduate school –


Brewer's Crackers are made with "spent" grains from the beer-making process. Usually steeped and discarded, these high-quality grains like barley are in


Cheese Plate Accompaniments

Marcona Almonds

Spanish almonds fried in sunflower oil.

$28.00 Per Pound
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This curry mustard combines earthy notes of cumin and paprika, tangy tamarind and brown sugar for the perfect accent to brats, burgers, and yes, cheese boa


This delicious Tomato Achaar is made with tomatoes, tamarind, a mix of Indian spices, red chili powder, unrefined cane sugar and sesame oil. Savory, spicy


Cheese Plate Accompaniments

City Saucery Spicy Vegan Tomato ‘Nduja


Cheese Plate Accompaniments

Early Bird Granola | Brooklyn, New York

Comes with delectable and energizing Jubilee with gluten-free rolled oats, pumpkin seeds, coconut chips, pistachios, 100% maple syrup, dried tart cherries


Heirloom Tomato Vinegar from Keepwell is a simple, ripe-tasting vinegar with red and green Heirloom tomato flavor, perfect for splashing on everything from


A flavor combination you might never have tried, this carrot and fruit conserve is delectable on lactic, mild alpine cheeses like Scharfe Maxx. Additional


Cheese Plate Accompaniments

Légal Hot Sauce | Brazil

"Légal" means "cool" in Portuguese, and characterizes the carefree nature of the Brazilian lifestyle as well as their zest for life. Légal is made with e


Cheese Plate Accompaniments

Oilladi | Thyme Honey | Peloponnese, Greece

From the Dodekanisa islands, this 100% natural raw honey has an elegant light amber color and a rich flavor profile with notes of pine and spice.


Cheese Plate Accompaniments

Oilladi Forest Honey

Raw, unfiltered, unprocessed, pure honey derived from oak, pine and chestnut trees. Sweet and delicate with prominent notes of hazelnut.


The perfect pre-packed Picnic Bundle!!! Just pick it up and head to the park! Includes: 1 Reusable Stinky Picnic Bag 1 Pack 34 Degrees Natural Crispbre


Light and crispy, these delectable crackers are made with extra virgin olive oil and grey sea salt from France. Perfect for both spreadable and firmer chee


Smith & Vine

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