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Hand selected from our rotating tap list


Hand selected from our rotating tap list


Beer & Cider

Boulevard Tank 7

A farmhouse ale brewed in Missouri. Tasting Notes: earthy, spicy, fruity, malty with grapefruit notes.


his Belgian-style Blonde Ale was the first Belgian-style ale ever produced in North America. It still impresses with a malty, fruity, and sweet honeybread


This collaboration between Central Waters in Amherst, Wisconsin and Chicago's Local Option is a Belgian-inspired Weizenbock flush with notes of dark fruit,


Beer & Cider

Freigeist Ottekolong

An unfiltered extra-hopped kolsch from Germany. Tasting Notes: clean and herbal with fruity esters.


A traditionally-brewed Berliner-weisse, this pick has a lovely, balanced flavors of fuzzy apricot, tart rhubarb, and delicious, citric-herbal notes from dr


Dai Dai is an American-style IPA from Japanese producer Hitachino Nest. This brew has a crisp and malty bitterness, with prevalent notes of orange and mand


Beer & Cider

Jack’s Abby Lager

A Massachusetts staple, Jack’s Abby’s House Lager has worked its way into the pints of many a New Yorker. Taking inspiration from landbier styl


From KCBC in Brooklyn, Fruitbot 4000 is a fruit gose with tropical fruit tartness and more than a dash of sea salt. Its intense sourness is counter-balance


Beer & Cider

Naked Flock Original


Smokehouse is a delightfully effervescent cider, at once dry and fruity, made from rare Pennsylvania smokehouse apples.


Beer & Cider

Weekend Away Pack

Heading to the Hamptons? Fire Island? This pre-packed Bundle is the perfect thing for a weekend away, with provisions for 2 nights! Pick it up on your way


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