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Sappy Ewe from Nettle Meadows

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Sappy Ewe’s Taste

Wrapped in a mixture of local wild raspberry leaf, kelp, comfrey, barley, nettle and goldenrod. Which just so happens to be what their animals eat. An infusion of maple reduction and aging in pine black ash really make this cheese standout.

Serving Sappy Ewe

Tangy and a bit sweet, Sappy Ewe holds its own and pairs well with a cold French Chablis or crisp NY cider. Serve on a mild nutty cracker or toast and happy hour is done.

How Sappy Ewe Is Made

Aged only 3-6 month in an aging cave in pine black ash really make this cheese standout.  Named by Esquire in 2010 as “the sexiest cheese in the U.S.A,” Nettle Meadow Farm continues to pump out delicious and intriguing new cheeses. Lorraine Lambiase and Sheila Flanagan, cheese mongers and animal lovers founded Nettle Meadow Farm in 1990. Made from the milk of their own goat and sheep sanctuary in Thurman, New York near the Adirondacks. With over 300 goats and dozens of sheep they certainly have their hands full! Take one bite and you’ll see why Nettle Meadow brought home First (Briar Summit) and Second (Sappy Ewe) in the mixed milk bloomy rind category 2017 U.S. Cheese Championships. It sure packs a punch!


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