Rosie’s Robiola

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Rosie’s Robiola’s Taste

A delectable mix of Old and New World with cow and goat milk. Rosie’s Robiola is a zingy washed rind cheese, featuring a chalky, lactic-set center, a gooey interior rind, and a chewy exterior. Cedar Grove, NC’s Boxcarr Cheese sources from both Holstein and Jersey cow milk, along with Alpine, Nubian, and Sannen goat milks. The flavor is gentle, not too salty, with a lingering mushroom note.

Serving Rosie’s Robiola

This rich cheese loves to be paired with hearty whites and light reds.

How Rosie’s Robiola is Made

Named for the producers daughter is a 12-ounce cow’s-milk square with a wrinkled Geotrichum rind, a supple ivory paste and an aroma of bread yeast and mushrooms. The young square is brined briefly, wrapped when it’s 10 to 12 days old and then shipped. At about eight weeks old it gets tacky and gooey. It’s  DIY situation to mature a whole square. If you’re game, put the unwrapped cheese in a cardboard box in the fridge and you will be pleasantly surprised.


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