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Prufrock’s Taste

How do we put this poetically? This miniature, taleggio-esque cheese is so tasty. The Grey Barn nabbed 1st place for American Farmstead Cheese at the 2016 ACS, and we’re proud to showcase why this new block is such a winner.  The delicate yet pungent paste of this washed-rind cheese has a beautiful, thick, soft yielding texture. Toasty and nutty with hints of tropical fruit and sour cream: when ripe this cheese has a slightly salty and savory flavor from the ever present sea air in Martha’s Vineyard. Its delectable texture melts on your tongue.

Serving Prufrock

A nutty washed rind and pudgy interior make the Prufrock a delectable part of any cheese board. Pair Prufrock with a Belgian wheat beer, a clean Burgundy or a crisp, bubbly glass of Champagne.

How Prufrock is Made

After heating and the addition of rennet the milk is left to coagulate overnight. The next morning the whey is separated and the soft cheese is placed in a brine bath for salting. After they are transported to an aging cave where each cheese is flipped and washed by hand every day for six weeks before leaving the farm. Made on Martha’s Vineyard, this hand made certified organic cheese is unique. The seasonal changes in the grasses in the pastures produce subtle changes in the milk. Those subtle flavor changes come through in the cheese.


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