Provolone – La Querceta

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Provolone’s Taste

This ain’t your grandma’s sandwich Provolone. Unless your grandma is a Nonna, and in that case I’m sure she’d highly recommend this Provolone.  Aged 6 months, the texture is not like a traditional provolone. The result is denser and more complex than the traditional semi-firm we’re used to in the US.

Serving Provolone

This robust, firm cheese pairs excellently with Cabernet Franc and Wittbier. It can stand up to a grainy cracker or makes an exceptional grilled cheese on rye bread.

How Provolone Is Made

This stretched curd hunk hangs as it ages 6 months In Puglia, Italy, in order to bring out inherently sharp tones in its organic, raw cow milk.


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