Melinda Mae

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Melinda Mae’s Taste

Melinda Mae is a bloomy rinded cow’s milk cheese, aged for just a couple of weeks before hitting our counter. Although most people think Brie when it comes to bloomy cow’s milk cheeses, Melinda Mae is modeled after the Italian favorite robiola. The cheese is mild, lactic and milky, with a delightful pudginess to the texture.

Serving Melinda Mae

This is a great melting cheese for sandwiches or potatoes. Serve with sliced apples and honey and some sparkling wine. An edible children’s book cheese is always reason to celebrate!

How Melinda Mae is Made

Named after Shel Silverstein’s poem about a girl who swallows a whale, the cheese harbors a pudgy body under its delicate rind. Based on robiola recipes Brian Civitello learned making parmaggiano and blue cheese, his Mystic Cheese co. perfects the style’s pillowy rind and buttery flavors. It’s a mere 11 days old before reaching us! Follow Silverstein’s advice with this one:

She took little bites and she chewed very slow,

Just like a good girl should…


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