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Manchester’s Taste

One of the best washed rind cheeses around, made in West Pawlet, VT. Its rind emanates fresh earth in the best way possible: it smells like a April shower, with a rigded texture making it look like it was plucked off of a Vermont mountain range. Underneath, the Manchester sports a minerality that belies its rind. It’s simultaneously rich and rugged, funky and smooth. We’re consistently wowed whenever we get it it in!

Serving Manchester

With such a dewy flavor, Manchester pairs naturally with crisper ciders. Our Riestra Basque cider’s innate effervescence heightens the minerality you might taste in the cheese. Descendant makes their beautifully rich Wilderness right in Brooklyn; pour a glass with you Manchester, and you’ll realize there couldn’t be a better domestic pairing.

How Manchester is made

Consider Bardwell developed a winning recipe for their Manchester, garnering awards from the American Cheese Society and World Cheese Championship; when you top both American and European cheese rosters, you know you have something special. Raw goat milk and a brining process enrich this washed rind with one of a kind flavors.


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