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Thin Red Line’s Taste

The Thin Red Line in question is a layer of smoked paprika lining the middle of an ash-ripened goat cheese. Get ready for a kick of sweet pungency in an umami-rich bite. The smoke on smoke line in this creamy disc of deliciousness makes for a genius choice. The rind is quite mushroomy, with a springy texture and good chew. The taste and texture transforms as it ripens. When young the cheese is firm and light but as it ages its mantle becomes soft and melting in contrast to the cheese’s chalky, off-white paste. Moderately acidic, it is also very salty and perfect as a standalone cheese on baguette.

Laini Fondiller and Lazy Lady Farm are American cheesemaking icons, producing over 20 varieties of goat and cows’ milk cheese on her solitary, off-the-grid, solar and wind powered farm. Laini milks roughly 30 to 40 goats, a small herd, from March through January.  Neighboring Butterworks Farm  supplies cows’ milk during the rest of the year to give her own goats a break.


Serving Thin Red Line

Pair this tangy goat cheese with acidic wines that will match its sharpness. Some sweetness or pronounced fruit does much to counterbalance the high salt content.Some wonderful matches for Thin Red Line are off-dry Rieslings from New York’s Finger Lakes which are also latitudinally compatible and Vouvray. If there’s nowhere to go but red, reach for a fruit-driven Pinot Noir from California or Oregon. Avoid anything tannic or with heavy oak influences, which will overpower the cheese’s delicate flavors and texture.

How Thin Red Line is Made

Lazy Lady Farm started in 1987 on barren land and in a small cabin. With no electricity, running water and no indoor plumbing. The goats graze on lush pastures from May to November using rotational grazing methods and are fed non-GMO mixtures of kelp, minerals, sunflower seeds, flax, and rolled oats and organic soy.This 4oz lactic goat cheese gem with an ash coated rind is a blend of geotrichum and p.candidum. The thin middle layer of smoked paprika adds zip and smoke and is really only available March-December.


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