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Kunik’s Taste

Produced by Nettle Meadow Farm and Animal Sanctuary, this sumptuous triple-cream is bursting with flavor. What makes this little puck unique is the mixed milks of goats and cows. The goat’s milk contributes a subtle herbal and tangy flavor, and the cow’s milk and cream help to create a thick, buttery texture. The name “kunik” comes from the traditional affectionate Inuit greeting of nuzzling noses, also called an “Eskimo Kiss”. Kunik is a triple cream cheese manufactured by Nettle Meadow Farm in the Southern Adirondack Park in Thurman, New York. I assure you, nothing is as sweet and romantic as this cheese! You’ve never had a triple-cream like this before. We recommend buying large quantities at a time – this cheese disappears from a platter in about five seconds.

Serving Kunik

It can be served with Champagne and is perfect for any celebration!

How Kunik is Made

The white, mold ripened cheese is made from 75% goat’s milk and 25% Jersey cow’s cream. Its unique recipe makes it more creamy and delicious than typical Brie yet subtle and sumptuous to taste than other ripened goat cheeses. The animals on the Nettle Meadow Farm are fed only certified organic grains, hay and a wide variety of wild and domesticated herbs empowering Kunik cheese with a tangy, creamy flavour and a thick, smooth, creamy texture.

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Cheese Type

Type 5


per pound



Made by

Nettle Meadow Farm


Light, Crisp White Wines, Saisons & Wheat Beers


Organic, Grass Fed


Goat & Cow


Made in Thurman, NY. Cheesemakers: Sheila Flanagan and Lorraine Lambiase


0-1 Month


United States


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