Haystack Mountain Funkmeister

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Haystack Mountain Funkmeister’s Taste

Its namesake holds true: this washed rind has a pleasant pungency that puts it in a league of its own. An organic cow milk wonder, Haystack Mountain’s Funkmeister mixes creamy and savory flavors into a bombshell of a washed rind disc. You know you’re in for a treat when there’s a sassy cow on the wrapper. Funkmeister loosely translates to “master, boss, chief, foreman of the funk.”  The cheese is washed in a cultured brine as it ages. The brine imparts a funky, pungent aroma and deliciously savory flavor profile. The texture softens and flavors intensify over the eight-week shelf life. Named for that stinky, pungent odor that comes from a good washed-rind cheese. It’s exciting and cool and weird and maybe kind of dirty but utterly addictive.

Serving Haystack Mountain Funkmeister

Funkmeister shines on a cheese board or atop a fancy sandwich. On a cheese board pair with charcuterie, and savory preserves. Serve with a floral, piney IPA. It works wonders paired with any charcuterie or cider. Don’t forget to serve at room temp!

How Haystack Mountain Funkmeister is Made

This 8oz. double cream washed rind cheese made from organic cow’s milk in Longmont, Colorado. Known for  goat milk cheeses their cow milk cheeses rock as well. Since 1989 they’ve been creating award-winning products. Jackie Chang is the lead cheesemaker at Haystack Mountain. She grew up in Taiwan and Korea and moved to Boulder in the late 80s. Her cheeses are designed to be flavorful but not overpowering. It’s a double cream, washed-rind cheese, washed in a cultured brine. This process encourages bacteria to spread and grow on the surface of the rind, enhancing the aroma, flavor and aging of the cheese. The cow’s milk and cream used are organic with a vegetable rennet so vegetarians can dig in without worry.


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