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Hafod Clothbound Cheddar’s Taste

Bwlchwernen Fawr dairy farm makes some fine Welsh cheddar. Its grassy, fresh flavors are indebted to the certified-organic farm’s prized Ayrshire cows. Dougal learned to make cheese in the Swiss Alps before moving to West Wales in the early 1980s. Here he started making a cheese called T’yn Grug using milk from both his own herd to produce a cheese with a supple, golden paste, which expresses the characteristic flavors of the farm’s milk. The cheese has strong aromas of wet clay and freshly turned soil give way to grassy flavors with an oniony bite bolstered by a salted butter backbone. The occasional veins of blue mold in the butter-yellow paste are a particularly special treat as well! Although the recipe for the cheese is very similar to that of a cheddar, Hafod has distinctive rich, buttery, nutty flavors – indicative of its Swiss origins combined our raw Ayrshire milk and the ‘terroir’ of the pasture and soil of the farm.

Serving Hafod Clothbound Cheddar

Hafod is truly a cheese to be savored, whether with a glass of port, or sherry, or just on its own.

How Hafod Clothbound Cheddar is Made

Hafod the original plastic-coated rind with clothbound. The direct-vat freeze-dried starter cultures have been replaced by yoghurt-like bulk starters. The initial stirring is now done completely by hand and not machine. The milk is heated gently with a slower process. Made in 10kg and 18kg rounds, cloth bound with lard and matured to 16 months where it develops a traditional mold rind.

The texture of this cheese is less curdy than other cheddar owing mostly to the high quality milk produced by the type of cows in Nicholas Millard’s herd. While the Ayrshire breed gives less milk than their more common Holstein and Friesian counterparts, it’s richer in both fat and protein, and makes a more supple paste. A true artisan, Nicholas is constantly looking for ways to improve his grazing and milking practices to produce an ever more delicious cheese.


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