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How Gubbeen Tastes

Sporting a delightful coral colored rind, Gubbeen is a super savory cheese. Its washed rind instills a natural funk, which is tamed by honeyed, milkier tones. A smooth entry point into the wild world of washed rinds this cheese has three distinct flavors based on maturation.

The farmers and mongers of Gubbeen Dairy make one cheese but they do it well! Mirroring the Chateaux process, they work with the seasons, milk and flora coupled with aging to produce flavor variations.

Serving Gubbeen

In all stages serve this cheese with bid, bold and rich reds and ales. It’s mild and light sweetness play off of Zinfandels and Chardonays beautifully!

How Gubbeen is Made

Large Gubbeen with Washed Rinds are pinkish with a white bloom. This crust is a triple layered bloom of organisms. Inoculated first thing with the microseeds of the Gubbeen Flora, the first layer is yeasts which grow within 3 days of the cheese arriving in the curing rooms. After that the brevibacterium linens grow rapidly giving the rind a tan and a nutty scent.  Encouraged with salt and water washes and the addition of white wine; it balances the pH of the rind, protecting and encouraging the flora. After 5 days the top bloom of the oxygen loving white candidum changes the appearance, structure and flavor of Gubbeen. The maturation with the soaking and washing encourages softening and flavoring.At ten days the Gubbeen’s characteristic hints of mushrooms, nuts, bog and forest floor and a long after scent of butter can be detected. At four weeks the cheese mellows, the body softens and there is a added “bounce” in the texture. Gubbeen could be considered fully mature at this point but the mongers let it go further. Paying special attention to temperature and humidity they age the Extra Mature for an extra month. At 8 weeks the paste is denser and sharper.


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1-3 Months




Grass Fed


Made in Schull, County Cork. Cheesemaker: Giana Ferguson


Belgian Ales, Full Bodied & Oak Driven White Wines


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Made by

Gubbeen Farmhouse Dairy




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