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Gatekeeper’s Taste

A super soft, triple creme, washed rind disc, made from cow and sheep milk and bursting with flavor. With enough butteriness to satisfy the brie-heads and just enough funk for the stinkers, its bound to be a great bridge between palettes on your cheese plate. The cider wash results in creamy butteriness with slightly fruity, onion notes.

Serving Gatekeeper

Not your average triple cream! This bold cheese can withstand strong flavors. Try it with really funky, dry ciders and big reds. Stouts and porters and maybe even delve into that sour beer you’ve always been curious about…

How Gatekeeper is Made

An ooey-gooey puck of washed rind triple crème goodness, Gatekeeper. The fine folks of Old Chatham Sheepherding Company make this cow’s milk cheese with added sheep cream. The unaged wheels are then sent down to Brooklyn, where Benton Brown and his team of affineurs (cheese agers) deep under the city streets take over. Gatekeeper is washed over several days with Millstone Farmgate, a tart and funky hard cider. These talented Brooklyn cheese-makers at Crown Finish Caves really killed it with this one, with the help of their good buddies at Old Chatham Sheepherding Creamery in upstate New York.


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