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Durrus’ Taste

A pungent and potent washed rind from West Cork, Ireland. This brined raw cow’s milk wheel looks and smells like it’s been pulled out of an Irish bog. When young, this pinked rind creamy cheese tastes acidic and funky. Aged and mellowed, this cheese matures into a grand fruitiness with a stronger smell and darker exterior.

Serving Durrus

The young iteration makes a killer partner to woodsy ciders or a brinjal chutney. The more mature variety opens up with full red wines, crisp whites, dry ciders and pilsners. Serve tempered for at least 2 hours with an assortment of fresh fruit like figs, pears or apples and classic Irish oatcakes. Or melt over sliced baguette or sourdough for an extra kick.

How Durrus is Made

These rounds of cheese are turned continually for 3 to 5 weeks. After, the mold left on the exterior helps to deepen and concentrate the internal flavor and textures of this raw cow cheese. It is the only unwashed rind cheese made from unpasteurized milk and the natural enzymes from grass fed cows in West Cork continue to deepen as aging occurs.



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