Delice Des Deux-Sevres Poitou


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Delice Des Deux-Sevres Poitou’s Taste

A mouthful, for your mouthful! What a beauty: this ash-ripened oval has inspired legions of other goat cheeses, including the American staple Humboldt Fog. With a velvety exterior and pudgy interior, it defies easy comparisons: it sports buttery, nutty, lemony, and earthy tones in equal measure. Delice Des Deux-Sevres Poitou is a compact round of goat milk goodness that is sure to have you wondering why this hasn’t been more popular (we’re guessing because it’s sort of hard to pronounce).

Serving Delice Des Deux-Sevres Poitou

Enjoy with crisp white wines and light reds. This cheese, while goat, is quite mild and delicate. Fresh fruit like strawberries or grapes pair beautifully.

How Delice Des Deux-Sevres Poitou is Made

The cradle of French goat cheese production is in the west of France and called the Poitou-Charentes.  Produced by a family owned dairy ‘Poitou-Chevre’, Délice du Poitou is located in La Mothe St Heray in Poitou-Charentes. The oval shape of this cheese accentuates the salted charcoal coating and cute portioned shape made it quite the impressive addition. The interior is smooth and pristine white with a fine granular texture. When young, the Délice de Poitou has a fresh, citrus tang with yeasty flavours and nuttiness developing as it matures.

In 1897 the farmers surrounding the Mothe Saint Héray combined to create a cooperative dairy called la Mothe. Specializing in cheese production, specifically goat cheese which took over in 1996 by the Poitou family. Once they took over  the operation of the dairy they became fully dedicated to manufacturing goat cheeses such as Chabichou du Poitou and Ste Maure.


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