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Chiriboga Blue

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Chiriboga Blue’s Taste

Arturo Chiriboga, an Ecuadorian native, has mastered the art of German cheesemaking and all for the love of a Bavarian woman!. At the foot of the Alps in Bad Oberdorf, Bavaria, he makes his Chiriboga Blue based on the recipe for Bavarian Blue, invented in 1902 by Basil Weixler. Though Weixler developed it modeled after Roquefort, this blue is really nothing like its French counterpart. Chiriboga Blue is intensely rich and buttery, with a dense, tongue-coating texture that’s akin to eating custard ice cream. It’s sweet, creamy, and grassy, with no peppery “blue” bite. Weixler, and Chiriboga, have more than succeeded with a cheese that smacks of sweet cream with a splash of mushroomy goodness– a perfect memento of true (cheese) love. A pretty delicious story, resulting in a cheese that resembles rich, cultured butter more than a peppery, assertive blue.

Serving Chiriboga Blue

Perfect on a cheeseboard with fresh or dried fruit and a medium bodied red or citrusy white wine. And if course classic Bavrian beers from a stein! Melts wonderfully over risotto for a little blue kick.

How Chiriboga Blue is Made

Inspired by the cheesemaking tradition of his love’s homeland, Arturo Chiriboga heads up Obere M’hle co-operative dairy, located in the town of Bad Oberdorf at the base of the Bavarian Alps. Although Arturo now crafts ten artisanal cheeses, it’s his cow’s milk blue, stamped proudly with his own surname, that caught really makes a cheesey heart pitter patter. Made four times a week with only local cheese, this a starter blue for everyone.

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1-3 Months






Made in the town of Bad Oberdorf, Bavaria. Cheesemaker: Arturo Chiriboga


Belgian Ales, Medium Bodied, Earthy Red Wines



Made by

Obere Muhle




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