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Bucherondin’s Taste

Bucherondin is a classic example of the ubiquitous French goat log, as the name implies. It’s madled process. One of the first French goat cheeses to be exported to America, it’s a popular crowd-pleaser. This delicious chevre has a dual paste, thick and cheesecake-like in the center, with silky runniness just under the rind. The flavor is bright, lemony, and clean, with minimal goaty flavors, and a full creamy finish.

Serving Bucherondin

With the holidays approaching, many people may be looking for cheeses that they can put on a party buffet without busting their budget. Bucherondin is always a good choice, a mild, approachable French goat cheese. It hails from the chevre powerhouse region, the Loire Valley, home of Sancerre, which is just great with Bucherondin.  Try a slice of it–or and end piece–on your next burger!

How Bucherondin is Made

It’s made by Sevre et Belle, an agricultural cooperative founded in 1893, and is still made with the traditional hand-ladled process. Bucherondin is shaped like a large log, and is named after the word bucheron, meaning “woodcutter”. Bucherondin has a wrinkled white coat that resembles the bark of a birch tree. This bloomy rind, as cheese professionals call it, comes from a harmless mold sprayed on the cheese when young. In a matter of days, the bloom appears and will help ripen the cheese over the next few weeks.

 The dairy releases the cheese around three weeks, and travel for about a month so it is about 2 months old when it hits store shelves. A mature Bucherondin should be creamy and almost translucent under the rind and firmer at the center, reflecting the progressive breakdown of the cheese’s protein and fat.

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Made by

Sevre et Belle



Cheese Type

Type 3


per pound


Light, Soft Red Wines, Medium Body White Wines, Saisons & Wheat Beers


1-3 Months




Cook Friendly




Made in the village of Celles-sur-Belle, Poitou-Charentes region


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