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Beaufort AOC’s Taste

Cows are fed strictly hay in winter, and then fresh grass and foraged plants and flowers in summer when they roam the region’s high elevation pastures. The term Alpage denotes this diet over fermented silage. The extent of flavors available in the cheese is as varied as their wild diet, with floral, meaty and nutty notes in equal measure.

Serving Beaufort AOC

Enjoy on its own, paired with NY state apples, berry preserves or try out a traditional Fondue Savoyarde. accompanies white Burgundy wines and fish beautifully.You can only imagine how well this melts!  It’s often used to make cheese fondue.

How Beaufort AOC is Made

The pride of the French Alpines, Beaufort Alpage is a divine cheese experience. Named after the Beaufortin Valley the cheese is made in Savoie from the raw milk of Tarentaise and Abondance cows and produced in copper vats (which discourage off flavors) according to regulation. Its signature concave rind made it easily transported on the backs of mules.This AOC (appellation d’origine contrôlée) cheese from Savoie, France, a hotbed of cheesemaking, is as good as alpines get. The Abondance cow milk has been cherished for centuries, and the amount of its richness in Beaufort is a testament to this. It’s smear-ripened with a mixture called morge that produces its strong flavor and pale yellow rind.  Then it’s aged for six to twelve months in a cool mountain cellar.  The result is a dense take on Gruyere.




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