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Smoked Duck Breast -Bella Bella

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Smoked Ducks Breasts Taste

This Magret Duck Breast packs a punch with light smokiness and the freshness of New England apple and hickory wood. Duck breast is as enjoyable as duck fat which has a slightly gamey yet refreshingly familiar flavor. Like chicken but better!

Serving Smoked Duck Breast

Slice thin and serve cold or warm on toasted bread with a mild cheese like swiss. The smoke is certainly complimentary to mustards and rich beers. Try it with a Spanish Tempranillo or a full oaky chardonnay for a classic pick.

How Smoked Duck Breast Is Made

Their free roaming  farms in Sullivan County, New York have been raising natural chicken and heritage birds since 1982. They take twice as long to reach maturity as commercial birds and are fed a special diet of corn, canola seeds, and soybeans. In their commercial kitchen facility Bella’s chefs have developed some exciting new “products that taste like no other” for years. Now we at Stinky let you taste the difference for yourself.

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