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Smoked Coppa with Tasso Spices – Brooklyn Cured

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Smoked Coppa with Tasso Spice’s Taste

This coppa packs a punch with light smokiness and the salty tang of tasso spices which are their own intoxicating mixture of cayenne, paprika, sugar and garlic. The spices are then smoked, rubbed onto the pork and the whole thing is dry cured letting those aromatic smoked flavors mix and mingle.

Serving Smoked Coppa with Tasso Spice

Modeled after Cajun style Tasso ham this has a bold and unique flavor. Slice thin and serve with big bold cheeses and drinks. Pairs well with any strong white, bold red or smooth, cold cider.

How Smoked Coppa with Tasso Spice Is Made

Proudly made in Brooklyn by Brooklyn Cured! Their website description explains that this traditionally cured pork salumi is the “love child of Emiglia Romana and the Big Easy.”

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Made in Brooklyn, NY, by Scott Bridi

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Brooklyn Cured


United States


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