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Petit Jesu

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Petit Jesu’s Taste

Petit Jesu translates to “Baby Jesus” and is a large, rustic, coarse-ground salami made with red wine and garlic. The coarse grind allows for a varied and evolving mouthfeel that perfectly melds the Berkshire breed which is known for a rich savory and round flavor profile.

Serving Petit Jesu

This salami pairs particularly well when paired with strong mustards and pickles like cornichons. Either sliced thin and layered on bread with a salty aged cheddar or gouda or a thicker chunk with a smear of spicy mustard will highlight different aspects of this unique salami.

How Petit Jesu Is Made

It gets its name from the fact that it ages about nine months and ends up weighing around 9 pounds like a beautiful little pork bundle. A large format salami with a full meaty flavor. Made using Berkshire breed pork, this salami has a deep savory flavor that works perfectly with accompaniments such as whole grain mustard and cornichons.

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