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Pancetta Americana

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Pancetta Americana’s Taste

La Quercia offers a lovely take on the classic pancetta: it’s a rolled pork belly with white & black pepper, rosemary, and a bay leaf, with a sweet herbal flavor you don’t always get from pancetta. Herbal, meaty, rich. Eat with or without cooking. Wrapping meats or sea food for grilling, pasta or soup, sandwiches. Can be eaten with or without cooking.

Serving Pancetta Americana

A traditional Italian staple, pancetta is often used in pasta dishes and on pizzas – fried up like bacon, it looks like a crispy little pinwheel. La Quercia uses vegetarian-fed, antibiotic-free pork from Heritage Acres Foods and cures it with sea salt, juniper berries, and bay leaves, giving the sweet meat an herbal kick. Give it a try wrapped around meats on the grill, fried in a sandwich, or in traditional spaghetti carbonara. Turns dinner into a pile of empty plates. Or, cook as you would bacon and serve atop poached eggs with shaved Parmigiano Reggiano for a Sunday morning treat. While there’s still a significant amount of pale white fat, which turns translucent when cooked, there’s more meaty pork to sink your teeth into.

How Pancetta Americana is Made

Mixed, predominantly Lancaster, Large White, DurocSecond, it’s cured, not fermented. That means there’s no skin, the texture is smoother, the flavor sweeter. In fact the aroma alone is worth the price of admission. All the pigs are antibiotic free, vegetarian fed and dry cured.

La Quercia farms makes a point to use traditional techniques when raising heritage pigs. This includes making sure their diet consists of at least 65% acorns and the rest naturally foraged foliage. Pasture raised in Missouri for the first part of their lives, these Tamworth pigs spend the last few months foraging in the hills near Ozark Mountains full of oak and hickory.

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Made in Norwalk, IA, by Salumists Herb & Kathy Eckhouse

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