‘Nduja -La Quercia


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‘Nduja’s Taste

La Quercia has become known for this unusual take on a charcuterie classic.  It’s a full flavored yet smooth and mild spread like a cross between pate and sausage. American made with a rich cultural heritage and respect of traditional curing methods in Parma, Italy.

Serving ‘Nduja

Serve with big bold cheeses and drinks. Pairs well with any strong white, bold red or smooth, cold cider. Add to mussel broth for a kick or smear on fresh baguette. This spread can be mixed with fresh ricotta or mayonnaise for a milder flavor.

How ‘Nduja Is Made

Made from heritage, antibiotic-free, family farm raised pigs (Lancaster, Berkshire and Duroc). This spread is a mixture of speck and prosciutto, mixed with red pepper and sea salt and aged for 9-12 months until perfectly balanced and delicious.

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Made in Brooklyn, NY, by Scott Bridi


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