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Molisana Salame


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Molisana Salame’s Taste

Founded four years ago by two good friends – one of whom, Olli, just so happened to be born into a family of salumi makers – Olli has been crafting the highest quality salamis with pasture-raised pork. Their Molisana Salame, based on traditional recipes from Molise, is a full-bodied, classic sausage with generous amounts of garlic, black pepper, and Sangiovese wine.

Serving Molisana Salame

This full flavored and robust salame so feel free to play it up! Try a glass of Cabernet Franc or a pint of pilsner and a bite of salty, crumbly Asiago.

How Molisana Salame is Made

Molisana is a robust salami flavored with whole black peppercorn and garlic – it’s the quintessential Italian salami that you would find in Molise. Salame (the Italian spelling for ‘salami’) is made based on 160-year old family recipes passed down to our founder, Oliviero ‘Olli’ Colmignoli. We make our products right here in the U.S.A. in our state-of-the-art facility in Mechanicsville, Virginia.

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Made in Mechanicsville, VA, by Salumist Olli Colmignoli

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Olli Salumeria Americana


United States






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