Lomo Iberico de Bellota

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Lomo Iberico’s Taste

These free-range pigs are fed the finest, hand-picked acorns (bellotas) by their ranchers, and roam around acres and acres of idyllic Spanish countryside. You can taste this happiness immediately: nutty, with notes of garlic and paprika. With a low fat content, this happy pork is bound to make you happy!

Serving Lomo Iberico

A smoky, nutty, all bellota-fed pork salami.

How Lomo Iberico is Made

Lomo Iberico de Bellota is a game changer, made by La Espanola and imported by Fermin. If you’re familiar with Jamon Iberico, you know that Iberico pork products come from the happiest pigs on earth.


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