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Landjagar’s Taste

Schaller & Weber has been producing top-quality European charcuterie out of New York City since 1937, when master charcuterier Ferdinand Schaller crossed paths with Tony Weber. Their Landjaeger (“country hunter”), a traditional sausage found in Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Alsace, is the perfect snacking sausage, made in a size rather similar to the American classic Slim Jim. But don’t confuse this with a Slim Jim. Equal parts pork and beef, with added beef fat, Landjaeger has a delicious beefy flavor and subtle spice.

Serving Landjagar

Great as a quick snack, or try serving it in a traditional German fashion, boiled with potatoes and fresh greens.

How Landjagar is Made

Made in Yorkville, NY since 1937 this traditional sausage is full of flavor. In 2000, Schaller & Weber entered 20 products in Welser Volksfest of Austria, and came home with 14 gold and six silver medals. The recipes Ferdinand Schaller created have been  recognized globally, as Schaller & Weber became the first and only American sausage and meat producer to win multiple medals of honor at exhibitions in Holland and Germany.

This smoked and cured meat traveled well and provided sustenance and energy when it was most needed. That’s why it’s the hunter’s meat. #survivalsnack

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