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Jamon Serrano

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Jamon Serrano’s Taste

From a small mountain town comes this beautiful bone-in jamon, cured simply with salt and mountain air, aged for about a year and a half. Translating to “ham of the mountains,” Fermin’s serrano hams are made with pigs raised primarily outdoors in the Salamanca region. The locality of production results in a unique flavor specific to Salamanca. The jamon is sweet, not too salty, and has a chewier texture than Italian prosciuttos.

Serving Jamon Serrano

Jamón Serrano is a passion in Spain, where every restaurant and tapas bar features Serrano hams ready to be sliced. The hams are cured for well over a year in the mountains of Spain, and have a complex flavor and mild saltiness that make jamón an unreal tapas.

Thinly hand sliced, this imported Serrano ham is best enjoy simply – on a warm platter with some good crusty bread and a glass of Spanish wine. A bocadillo sandwich is another classic Spanish treat: cut a fresh baguette in half, drizzle with olive oil and add sliced Serrano ham, perhaps with some slices of Manchego cheese. Wrap it around melon, dice and cook with vegetables, sprinkle on fresh salads or add to paella or pasta

How Jamon Serrano is Made

Over thousands of years the people of Spain developed the ideal method to preserve ham as a way to save meat for the coming winter. The hams are salted, and then hung in mountain curing rooms where they experience the changing seasons, losing up to 40% of their fat and developing deep, complex flavors. They continue to be cured using these same techniques, albeit with the benefits of modern technology.

Serrano ham is fully cured and ready to serve with no cooking necessary. In the original unopened package, these slices will stay fresh for weeks, if not longer.

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