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Hot Coppa’s Taste

Founded by Armandino Batali (father of Mario) after he retired from 30 years at Boeing, Salumi Artisan is a family operation, run by Armandino, his wife Marilyn, and their daughter and son-in-law. Their coppa is made in the Piacenza style, based on stringent research of Piacenza recipes, a beautifully marbled pork shoulder sprinkled with cayenne and chili peppers. Surprisingly light in consistency, it has a silky texture and spicy bite.

Serving Hot Coppa

There’s a slight difference between capacollo and coppa, mainly that coppa originates from Emilia Romagna while capacollo hails from Calabria. Both of these cured meats are made using the muscle starting at the neck of the hog, then dry-cured, often after being rubbed with hot paprika. Best served paper-thin, coppa is great served with pickles or in Italian sandwiches.

How Hot Coppa is Made

Capicola has a tender texture and usually smoked and prepared with a variety of spices, herbs, and sometimes wine.

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Salumi Artisan


Made in Seattle, WA by Salumist Armandino Batali


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